The Wisp is a Champion unit from the Forest Box. It has the ability to mirror an ability or attack that is targeting it. meaning that it will capture a unit that captured the Wisp, or freeze the unit that froze the Wisp. You should not attack the Wisp with valuable units since they will be captured as well.

This unit is similar to Hostage in that it discourages trading with it.

Sometimes a good defense is the best offense. --In game tip

Clarifications Edit

The Wisp's abilities are sometimes activated inconsistently or vaguely. This is a table that aims to clarify what happens on certain actions. Note that specific pieces are sorted by alphabetical order, and (no effect) means it acts like the Wisp was any other piece. Pay effects and death effects generally do not get reflected.

Piece Action Effects on Wisp Effects on Piece Overall
(not on this list e.g. Warrior) Attack Dies Dies Both die
Swappers (e.g. Wizard) Swap Wisp goes where Piece did Piece goes where Wisp did (no effect)
Pushers (e.g. WindMage) Push Wisp gets pushed Piece gets pushed opposite Both push. Original user pays 1
Blockers (e.g. HauntedArmor) Attack Dies Dies Both die (as if Piece was any other)
Status (e.g. FrostMage) (status) Wisp gets affected Wisp gets affected Both affected
Alchemist Cure Wisp gets cured (none) (no effect)
Aquarius Freeze-Strike Wisp gets frozen, all pieces near it get freeze-pushed (none) (no effect)
Beacon Teleport Wisp gets teleported (none) (no effect)
Comet Freeze-Strike Wisp gets frozen, all pieces near it do too (none) (no effect)
Dryad Sapling Turns into Dryad's color sapling Turns into Wisp color's Sapling Both turn into opposite-color Sapling (only Dryad user pays 1)
Enchantress Enchant Enchanted for 2 (4) turns Enchanted for 2 (4) turns Both enchanted
Envy Clone (no effect) Turns into enemy Wisp Envy turns into enemy Wisp
FrostMephit Attack Dies Dies Both die
GiantSlime Attack Dies Turns into two Slimes in backwards GS spots Piece turns to two Slimes
GravityMage Pull Pulled to Ability Target and Frozen (none) (no effect)
Hostage Rescue (none) Piece is rescued (no effect)
LifeStone Revive Revived Dies (no effect)
Lust Pull Pulled to Lust (none) (no effect)
Mercenary Attack Dies Dies You lose Morale equal to the Value of the Mercenary, and the enemy loses the same amount
Minotaur Attack Dies Swaps with King and dies Wisp swaps King and both Wisp and Piece die
MoonFox Attack Dies Moves back with value -9 (if >9) Piece turns into "empty" Fox
Phoenix Attack Dies Turns to Egg on Wisp's spot Wisp dies, Phoenix moves to Wisp's spot and turns to Egg
Portal Teleport Wisp gets teleported (none) (no effect)
Slime Attack Dies Turns into two Slimes in backwards GS spots Piece turns to two Slimes
SoulKeeper Ghostify Turns into SoulKeeper's color Ghost Turns into Wisp's color Ghost Both turn into opposite-color Ghost (only SoulKeeper user pays 1)
Summoner Teleport Wisp gets teleported (none) (no effect)
Sylph Push Wisp gets pushed Piece gets pushed opposite and promotes Both push. Original user Pays 1. Sylph promotes
ThunderMage Thunder Dies (none) (no effect)
Vampire Attack Dies Dies (no effect)
VoidMage Void Nothing VoidMage's moves becomes normal Voidmage's effect is reflected onto itself

Table of Contents: Quick Stat & Upgrades | Strategy | Upgrades (+/-)

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Quick Stat: Wisp Edit

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: Wisp+ Edit

To Upgrade from Wisp to Wisp+, you need 4 Wisp and 75 Dragon Coins.

Tier 3: Wisp++ Edit

To Upgrade from Wisp to Wisp++, you need 4 Wisp+ and 300 Dragon Coins.

Tier 4: Wisp+++ Edit

To Upgrade from Wisp to Wisp+++, you need 4 Wisp++ and 1500 Dragon Coins.

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Strategy: Wisp Edit

As the Wisp cannot attack anything on its own, and as no one but a very new player would attack a Wisp, this unit is best used as a blocker to get in the way of your opponent.

Wisp base tier is not enough for fast moving,so not recommended, while Wisp+ and Wisp++ are the best tiers.

Wisp+ is already good,but not good enough.You need to put it carefully in your deck.It's recommended to put Wisp+ into c1 d1 e1 f1 so it can move to more location at start.When in game,you also need to move Wisp+ carefully,so next time it can move to some farther location to defend the potential hazards in the future,and you also need to try your best  not to block other ally's move/attack at same time. 

Wisp++ is good enough , because of fullscreen moving, you dont need to worry: it can always arrive at once.So just put it in some corner to not block ally units' moving.

Wisp+++ maybe not so necessary when you don't need the extra swap.

If you get a wisp and a enchantress ,you can enchant the wisp and they both get enchanted because of the reflection.

And sometime,if you are in danger or have no choice, you can even put the wisp into samurai's trigger especially a enchanted samurai to avoid bigger loss.

Try not to put wisp in location that can be attacked by minions or can be attacked by minions in the coming a few steps.

Here's a good post by Kieroman recommended to read if you want to use or counter wisp:

For details on the various effects of pieces attacking a Wisp

Strength: Wisp Edit

Wisp's strength is not at the lower levels. But at the higher levels it can teleport quite far (the entire board at ++ and +++) and block incoming attacks to your king and valuable opponent units e.c. Queen, King, and Legendaries. Its passive ability also prevents opponent from taking it since their attacker will die too (with very few exceptions).

Weakness: Wisp Edit

Due to its inability to attack, it doesn't really serve much purpose outside of blocking certain attacks. Even then, if the attack is unblockable the wisp is useless. Also, no one in their right mind would attack wisp with an important unit. Additionally, the wisp can be freely afflicted with a status that the caster is immune to, such as medusa's petrify, or even killed by alchemist or poisonmage without them dying.

It's best to kill wisp using minions,especially using slime/slime+.In some situation,kill wisp+ or ++ by a GiantSlime is also acceptable.

If use a minotaur to kill wisp, minotaur will die and the king will be teleported into the minotaur's location, so if you are sure you can kill the king in the coming a few steps, you can try this strategy.

Trivia: Edit

There are only three pieces capable of killing Wisp without dying itself: Alchemist, PoisonMage, and Taurus