Windmage can move slightly, teleport and push enemy units around. Higher tiers give you longer range on the push and better movement and attacking.

WindMage tier

Strategy: WindMage Edit

Using 1 or 2 windmage ,one can create a standoff defense for the king, and give end game security.

WindMage also can help minions to promote, but that needs proper location for both the minion and windmage. Windmage can also combine with enchanted units such as samurai, although sometimes this can be predictable.

Strength: WindMage Edit

The WindMage is a useful piece for strategic maneuvering. It is especially effective when combined with the Enchantress's ability to grant immunity from melee attacks, but can be applicable even without an Enchantress. The WindMage is one of the cheapest Champion pieces that is still able to attack. Using its Push ability, the WindMage can move allies and enemies up to three spaces away, allowing for interesting and unpredictable tactics. When promoted, to WindMage++ or higher, it is able to swap with ally pieces, making it even more capable of strategic position changing, and also kill armored pieces to give bonus to king defense. It can be used offensively and defensively.

Weakness: WindMage Edit

While it does provide novel and advanced maneuvering capabilities, the Push ability does decrement one's points by one each time it is used. If a player is not able to spare those points, the WindMage's worth is reduced significantly. The Windmage also has terrible mobility, even at +++ it only has king move/swap or knight teleportation.