WaterElemental is a new unit added in v0.45. It has an ability, Splash, that pushes a unit 1 square away and freezes it for 2 turns. Its ability is able to target knight-attack squares.

Since it has Splash on non-linear squares, Splash pushes orthogonally.

Strategy: WaterElemental Edit

Strength: WaterElemental Edit

Splash is deadly combined with a Ranger or FireElemental. It also is good at disrupting defenses. Its defensive moves are also reasonable even with its value lost. Even though it looks weak it is underestimated and has some potential for good forking attacks.

Weakness: WaterElemental Edit

WaterElemental is vulnerable to long range attacks. It also can only splash so many times before dying. It also barely offers an advantage over Warrior, and due to being a legend, is far harder to upgrade and obtain. (Not to mention status immune units make its splashes practically useless)