Tokens are consumable items that have an effect on the games that you play.

Blitz Tokens Edit

Blitz tokens are obtained once every hour. Blitz tokens can be used in ranked matches to speed the game up. During a blitz match the total time and turn timer will be lower than normal. Additionally, blitz games offer the players a chance to win more dragon coins. The winner will receive 500 bonus dragon coins while the loser will get a bonus 250 coins. This bonus is multiplied by the dragon's blessing, if active.

Blitz tokens are consumed automatically at the start of the match if either or both players have one.

Flame Token Edit

Allows players to play against Infernal mode. (Three rows of units-- two rows of minions and one champion row) Currently not available.

Hell Token Edit

Allows players to play against Hell mode. (Four rows of units--two rows each of minions and champions) Currently not available.