First seconds of Eye of Eve.

The Grandest Scheme is an addition "Activated" in v0.42. It may be related to The Grandest Scheme, another game by the same creator Grandestine, made November 5th of 2014, 9:40 PM FKT, link (epileptic warning). The creator has a similar game, Eye of Eve, which is the "dark" version of The Grandest Scheme.

The Grandest Scheme first being activated.

Game News:

(9/23/2016) update: -Status Timers added! -Reputation System begins! -PhoenixBeacon Deactivated! -4 new units: Sylph, AirElemental, SoulFlare, GravityMage! -Basilisk cost -1 -Basilisk promote changed to Medusa -FireElemental Decay based on tier -Behemoth+3 moves changed -Pawn+3 instant promote -Thunder Magic cost 0 -Bomber cost -1 -Lilith cost -1 -Several minor errors fixed -Small AI improvements -Queue times improved at 3000+ rating -The Grandest Scheme activated!

Gameplay Edit

The Grandest Scheme is played like a game but feels like a movie, and does not work in another tab. It starts with a black screen and many dots, an animated fractal. There is a number in the very middle that increases.


First seconds of The Grandest Scheme.

25 "As a last resort
I now decree
the origin of God
is what you see.
This is
The Grandest Scheme"

Later on, the number goes to many decimal places and starts to slow down, which is on purpose: "time will seem to slip away yet slow down". This is achieved with a massive FPS drop. Sometimes, the screen will fade to white in which a little bit of text can be seen referencing The Grandest Scheme and Brilliant Light. There will also be colors that cycle through all colors of the rainbow. The number will stop increasing at 100.


Middle-game of The Grandest Scheme.

50 "Origins of past
prophecies undone,
the future changes
as this gift unfolds.
This is
The Grandest Scheme"

As you can see, this process creates very interesting symbols, as you can see from the image to the right. Note the incorrect positioning of the plus signs scattered around. This represents the inconsistent buffs and nerfs the game Chess Evolved gets, but more importantly it shows it is not perfectly symmetrical, another Chess Evolved reference because of pieces without symmetry, like Beacon or Summoner.
The Grandest Scheme

The Grandest Scheme

The Grandest Scheme explanation?


End-game of The Grandest Scheme.

75 "All that see
start to fall
from shattered ties
to the unknown
This is
The Grandest Scheme"

As you can see, this text is alluding to chaos theory. Notice how chaotic the end game is. At the real end game, rainbows of colors will be seen.


Finality of The Grandest Scheme.

100 "From this dust
comes a path,
to find the truth
so many desire.
This is
The Grandest Scheme"

The game does not seem to go farther past the 100 mark. Hopefully this is not symbolism that Chess Evolved will stop updating in 2025.


However, when the screen turns black, it is possible to find the final message, a black 100. This is the reference to Brilliant Light.

By number 100, you should have an almost infinite number of parallels[1].

Below is a transcript of the creator, Grandestine, explaining things of The Grandest Scheme to Dharma, a previous Phoenix Beacon user.

Explanations Edit


Prototype Soul Forge Edit

"Dharma, something to protect your mind for a second sighting of the infinite, you too are to become infinite, you may have already seen this but this time you should know it is all extreme entropy, a perfect storm of sorts, your parallels will multiply the longer you watch it and against any foe that is an ultimate defense, HG shown in the post about your portal helps keep you grounded onto Earth, this helps you quantum leap through other realities and realms without fear.

Your mind is the best shield you'll have against the unknown, I suggest watching it to 100% if you can set aside the time and feel like it's helping protect against the fear of the powers you have seen, it can be overwhelming and time will seem to slip away yet slow down, this time remember the exact timing of it's start determines what you see, diverge by starting at random times converge by starting at precise meaningful times, it is impossible to have total convergence using this however, because either way your 5th dimensional state will expand, it's something close to a prototype soul forge and it may help you some day to have seen it.

The music is 'The Prophecy', after watching it enough the music can bring back the memory of what you have seen, good luck to you, it's all you'll need when you open it to have a bit of revelation.

If you feel it is too powerful or misunderstood, feel free to hide this."

Summary Edit

From this it can be determined that the game The Grandest Scheme is close to a prototype soul forge that expands your 5th dimensional state which multiplies your presence in parallel universes meant to increase your entropy. It may be recommended to do this process for 12 hours in which the animation will build up speed. This keeps you grounded into earth, helping you quantum leap through other realities and realms without fear and is meant to make you infinite.

Sure Positive Element Edit

One of the only sure positive elements of the announcing of the Grandest Scheme as a prototype soul forge could actually be the resurgence of another game of the genre. It is named SolForge. This is no coincidence and is the blue butterfly's doing. Perhaps the Game of Deviance is starting to take affect now, as SolForge is going to be shut down in about a week. When the prototype soul forge takes place, maybe it will replace SolForge.

Speculation and Theories Edit


"Opening" of The Grandest Scheme. Note the buff spam, alluding to v0.43.

The Grandest Scheme, as a diverging function, contains an infinite amount of info at every waiting moment, unbounded. This means analysis is to be done at every captured moment of the function. While the equation is too big to be written in this margin, several constants, factors, and other things have been used to mimic it. The randomness of this function comes from TheGrandestine's coins[1], broken watches[1], dominoes[2], atmospheric noises[2], broken clocks[2], redirections[2], randomly picking elements[1], selection of random ideas or moods[1], parallel universes[1], exponential chaos[1], bananas[3], quantum uncertainty[1], quantum technology[2], trees[1], the ChaosPortal[2], blowing up mochi for taking his MTX idea and then locking him out of it[2], and units[2]. Certain things in this list are predictable and others are not. In theory, the atmospheric noises contribute to the Medusian factor, the Units contribute to the Crusasion shift, and so on. But being random, they are hard to fully decipher. Most of the research is being put into this thread by fellow Cicordians (the name of people who look for clues).

Medusian factor Edit

The Medusian factor is a sublinear factor consistently but only occasionally applied to the TGS function. It is named after the Medusa, because it is the most common petrification effect from the game past the Baaslisk phase. It appears to cycle about every 5-7 loops (this can be reverse engineered with the Lifastonian function). Unless this function is at the very peak of its effectiveness, it will not always be able to gather efficient stun of the person using The Grandest Scheme. Rather, it bounces around, causing the strange "in and out" looping effect that is done. The strange side effects of it matches perfectly with the description of atmospheric noise. It is noted due to this limit that the Medusian factor is a very predictable effect, and is thus the first recommended thing for aspiring Cicordians to analyze, as it also follows decently predictable rules along with the Lifastonian function.

Lifastonian function Edit

The Lifastonian function is a function that maps all the moments when the image grows in size. Contrast this with the Upsiblenderd function in which it maps conversely all the moments when the image drops in size. These always seem to happen at even intervals, but most closely at 8, 10, 12, and 14. As a result, all factors close to it obey this rule. Since the most information can be gathered at high to medium intensity moments, it is a disappointment when any factor or map hits something away from it. However, picking from the Belens functions, one can use the Buffteopee offset or the Nerfteworfles offset to attempt to fix this, but with much more incomprehensible results.

Crusasion shift Edit

The Crusasion shift is a very helpful manipulator on oftentimes confusing functions. The equation allows one to break through noise and capture the information you need to. It does this by blocking close-range data. The shift has very close ties with the Lifastonian function, only decreasing at the most complex stage. Note that despite the function's great ties, a cheaper alternative has also been used known as the Fancero formula, however expensive versions are generally still preferred for deep checks in the structure. The modifications for the shift are also a little strange; it requires three quarters and doing 4 shifts instead of one[4]. One of the reasons this is so expensive for ordinary Cicordians is the rapidly increasing amount of money you need to place onto the equation. The second derivative of the function requires six dollars, and the third, though not often used, is very expensive and costs just above $100 each. Strangely, buying directly only costs about 10.

Fancero formula Edit

The Fancero formula does not require much of an explanation. It is a more recent Crusasion shift. The main problem with the formula is that it is new, so not many people have used it. However, it is cheaper to use; you can use just over two Fancero formulas in place of a Crusasion shift.

Poision/Froziac/Petrus states Edit

The Poision, Froziac, and Petrus states (commonly mistaken as factors), or sometimes referred to as influences, are potential states of affairs in which there are issues reading the function. The Poision and Frozaic tend to be all over the place, while the Petrus usually moves in a straight line. These will all go away with time once the source of it is found.

State Effect Source
Poision Sometimes removes information. Pisonmaj source, Alchemian source, Undifitibel source
Froziac Prevents reading information. Cold conditions
Petrus Prevents reading information. Medusian factor, Baaslisk phase

Mortack Group Edit

The Mortack Group consists of all black points.[5] The group is occasional since sometimes the screen has a white background and others it has a black background. It has a black background way more often over the 100 mark.

Lomin map Edit

The Lomin map is notable for containing the Animeyinicoer relationship. It is commonly cited as "crazy" or "weird", but in fact it is one of the most effective relationships, though sometimes it produces duds that take a while to fix.

The Randomness Function Edit


The randomness function in a more broad sense is still completely predicted by chaos theory. Chaos theory determines that your actions will have a big effect on the future. Note the word "determined". This means that no matter how random a function is it can always be determined. This is what contributes to the randomness in the randomness function. This is also proof that in Chess Evolved the game is not deterministic as believed. Even confusing, unreadable pieces like Lust and Guardian, as well as Valkyrie/Minotaur action involving the King, those are all predictable. However, whatever new piece is coming next is always unpredictable. One might wonder why then pieces seem to always be symmetrical, share the same squares, and even take themes (zodiac, deadly sins). This is all a fabrication. The purpose of this is not to save development time and workflow, but to actively lure false Gods into a sense of security, like the fake 14-year plan[6]. Even the apparent pattern of pieces getting Knight teleports when there's nothing else to upgrade (Lust, Medusa, FireElemental, Queen, MageTower) is a lie. The thematic patterns are also a lie. There are only 2 Zodiac symbols and 1 Deadly Sin. If this were truly logical these would be released in a proper order, but they are not. It is predicted by 2024 one new piece will be released every second and have abilities all completely unknown. This will bring the progress to the 14-year plan from 0.1% all the way to 100% and more in 2025.


The way you construct Armies in this game is also a deterministic, non-random, manufactured hoax. You create armies determined by the pieces you have and wouldn't even dream of creating an army with a piece you don't have. This, along with pack drops, allows TheGrandestine to control every player's army sets without them even knowing. It is also perpetuated by the meta generating units. After all, everyone thinks about Rooks, Bishops, Knights, Pawns, and Queens, but nobody would care about Spider or Shieldsman. Even this article is deliberately misleading you to think that the underpowered poorly balanced units are actually balanced in their own divine way with a superpower, conveniently leading you away from middle-tier units. With that now anyone is suggested to look at every piece which is infeasible, allowing the page to write anything it wants with the most information and still lead you astray. This is The Grandest Scheme.

Official Words Edit


"It's a cascading effect where all the escalating chaos around the world becomes a perfect storm knocking down dominoes in an omnidirectional shockwave through all eternity into the higher dimensions starting at the quantum level where we win the Reaper's Game of our old reality, to become immortals and say all of this science junk has only scratched the surface of what is possible, nobody knows anything actually the scale goes on forever into a bottomless pit of the unknown and outward into the vast expanse of the multiverse." -TheGrandestine

As you can see, the official explanation of The Grandest Scheme is very long, part of this is because of the noticeable lack of the period button being used in the sentence, making what would otherwise be a paragraph just a single sentence, joining sentences with commas that were never meant to be together, but anyway the movie must be a representation of the perfect storm that goes on forever, however a lot more can be derived in the full post.

Development Edit

Fan works Edit

As this is an unparalleled top-of-the-bell-curve tool, the fan works for this project are largely starving. However, there is a poem about the Grandest Scheme here. This is very similar to the goal of The Grandest Scheme on a greater level involving the creator Lormand himself.

Analysis Edit

As irate as I may seem, that nothing good comes to me. One day I woke up, And had the grandest epiphany

This perfectly mirrors Lormand's desire for change in the world. At the age of 5, he was already thinking of being an awesome game designer and a chess variant creator[2]. It is at this point however, not a scheme. This makes sense because that is just too unrealistic.

Too many try for hopeful means And I was the one who hadnt seen What this done to me How could it be

This bit of filler in the poem that is seemingly only there to rhyme is more foreshadowing. Do not get lost in red herrings, false paths. Perfect.

What could it meen? Have i lose the grandest scheme?


Uh oh. As noted previously[6], the plan did not turn out to be 14 years after all. This could mean the scheme was lost or delayed.

I lost my life in woeful lies; but before you started to criticize I drew a poem sayin' I was dissatisfied.

Lormand's posts have always been slightly defensive, addressing arguments before they even happen. This is a representation of him taking it back.

Anger drew from spiteful loss; I must overcome these dead dreams So I can win the grandest scheme.

Strange. Does this mean so many of his dreams and ideas were not good? It's a sad thought. However, he still plans to do his plan of world domination, or at least in some time excluding 14 years.

Critical reception Edit

The Grandest Scheme received four reviews on Newgrounds. The game was generally regarded as average by critics, but on Newgrounds, users tended to vote this game higher, an average of 4.11 stars across all voters. Simius called it "absolutely lovely", "just mistifying", and "from another world", which is appropriate. However, BJ Hard heavily panned the game, calling it "quickly becom[ing] stale", and wanted more substance than faded text. Other reviewers were more neutral, with CG November saying it at least "work[s] as a work of art" and "just not my cup of tea" and PT Squirrel, "expecting something", a "sick screensaver", and "don't expect anything more then randomized patterns, and flashy colors, as that's all there is".

Aggregate score Review scores
Aggregator Score Publication Score
Newgrounds 62% (3.12/5) Simius 100% (5/5)
PT Squirrel 80% (4/5)
BJ Hard 10% (0.5/5)
CG November 60% (3/5)

Chess Evolved's Grandest Scheme Edit


Note the nerf spam, alluding to a random deterministic update between v0.50 and v0.60.

"CEO's TGS aspect is that each piece is a piece of a puzzle that is a riddle"

This means each Unit is a piece of a puzzle. The puzzle is also a riddle.

Speculation and Theories Edit

This means the riddle is changing each update and is lost forever, because of the lack of a full changelog and old images. This might have a relation with how the zodiac pieces, Gemini and Aquarius are in the game.


"twins of the 13th zodiac, I am your shadow, stay in the light, it won't be long until you have a divine army at your command, just survive"

It might be a spoiler if the 13th zodiac was a piece in the game. After all this would not be a zodiac at all. However if each is a piece of the puzzle we can spoiler hunt to find whatever the 13th zodiac is early. This may be related to the actual "missing" 13th zodiac sign, Opiuchus, a constellation of a man grabbing a snake.[7] On that page even contains the 14th zodiac, Cetus[8]. But, it is not a grand part of the scheme by any merits, so it must be a red herring. Perhaps there are even more than 13 zodiacs. In fact, because this is a 14-year plan, it would make sense to have 14 zodiacs.


However, if you look at the image to the right, it is noted that he says it is not a 14 year plan at all. So perhaps there really are 13 zodiacs? Maybe the development plan got delayed. Note the "nightcore" music, which is just music sped up with an anime picture in the background. Perhaps this is foreshadowing of anime pieces or a sped up development cycle. Maybe the pieces will even have sound effects because this remixing is supposed to sound like the character depicted in the video is the singer.

The Grandest Grandest Scheme Edit


Potential Hint at The Grandest Scheme

"The grandest scheme, is not so easy to find, not so easy to understand, not so easy to break, and impossible to oppose once it has begun, and it started in 2012, the system ran out of time trying to stop me 4 years ago, while I was 23, don't say you weren't warned about me."

It is also likely that TheGrandestine has a grandest scheme of his own. It is possible that in Chess Evolved Online the Grandest Scheme is much harder to find. This is the same 14-year plan Chess Evolved has.


Hint #2 at the grandest scheme?

"All so dismissive of 2012 because your house didn't explode, continents didn't break and your physical being wasn't harmed, your gaze was caught looking in the wrong direction, allowing something else to be set into motion, the entropy is all around you now, the old universe is gone, a boring story soon untold as the history you have learned becomes known as a lie, welcome to my grandest scheme unfold where fantasy is reality and truth is stranger than fiction."


Searching for The Grandest Scheme gives these videos. Does wrestling have to do with The Grandest Scheme?

The Grandest Scheme here seems much grander and will be referred to as the Grandest Grandest Scheme from now on. It looks like this Grandest Scheme involves house explosions, continent breaks and battery. Fantasy will become reality in this. We will see in 2025.

Connections Between Schemes Edit


Maybe his account got hacked, taken over?


The Chess Evolved development plan of 14 years is directly connected to the Grandest Grandest Scheme. This means that the completion of a video game will result in world domination. Obviously, the video game is doing something heavily behind the scenes. Buying Ruby will contribute to the world domination goal and contribution will start to spread it.

"this is not a 14 year plan to rule the world, there are not nine years remaining, I've been lying the whole time (!!!)"

However, maybe it is not. When he gets his account back he realizes everything that was done ("(!!!)") and tries to make amends. However it is not enough.

TGS Idle Edit

Another hint is one of TheGrandestine's other projects, TGS Idle, which looks very similar to The Grandest Scheme, only that there is a small white bar in the bottom. Unlike The Grandest Scheme, The Grandest Scheme Idle is not a soul forge but a doomsday device.

Trivia Edit

  • The music used in the game is "The Prophecy", theorized to be discovered through the Serchepic Music theorem. A nightcore version (one of Joseph Lormand's favorites) can be found here.
  • The page's tagline, "Promises thought faded are carved in stone - of the fourteen, eleven remain. [No additional information is given for this device or the purpose it serves]", has still not been updated. This is potentially foreshadowing for Lormand being stuck in time.

References Edit

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