The Swordsman is a minion that can attack to the side, and later diagonally at higher levels. It promotes to the Warrior.

Table of Contents: Quick Stat & Upgrades | Strategy | Upgrades (+/-)

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Quick Stat: Swordsman Edit

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: Swordsman+ Edit

To Upgrade from Swordsman to Swordsman+, you need 5 Swordsman and 25 Dragon Coins.

Changes from Swordsman: The attack only fields are now move or attack, add move backwards one space

Tier 3: Swordsman++ Edit

To Upgrade from Swordsman+ to Swordsman++, you need 5 Swordsman+ and 100 Dragon Coins.

Changes from Swordsman+: Adds attack only diagonally forward

Tier 4: Swordsman+++ Edit

To Upgrade from Swordsman++ to Swordsman+++, you need 5 Swordsman++ and 500 Dragon Coins.

Changes from Swordsman++: Change "attack only" to "move or attack", adds move from starting position at range 2, both forward and diagonally

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Strategy: Swordsman Edit

The Swordsman is a decent balanced minion, as adjacent Swordsmen are able to protect each other, and even as they advance they can support each other.

Strengths: Edit

Can protect each other regardless on offence or defense, as well as diagonals (at higher levels). Relatively cheap, and can retreat if necessary.

Weakness: Edit

Cannot support attackers well from a distance. Vulnerable to numerous Magic and Ranged attacks. Its promotion is also not particularly great.