General Edit

Status effects are effects on pieces that change their abilities or change other piece's abilities on them. (Status-Immune) only blocks against negative status effects. Note that negative status effects can still have a positive effect on the player: for example, a poisoned piece killing a King as soon as it is going to die from Poison will not allow chain effects like Minotaur or Prince on it. On the list, Time is first noted on multi-turns and then on each move. Promotion, transformation, and Alchemists cure negative status effects. Assume things on the table without a target refer to itself ("This is disabled" becomes "Disabled".) Unstoppable effects, however, are not disabled unless said.

Neutral Edit

Name Sources Time Effects
Enchanted Magic, Spawn 2 (4) Enemies cannot melee this.

On Kill: Remove Enchanted from self.

Cannot target enemy King.

Negatives Edit

Name Sources Time Effects
Frozen Magic, Retaliation 1-3 (2-5) Disabled.
Petrified Ranged 5 (9) Disabled.
Poisoned Magic 3 (5) Dies after status effect's time.

Freeze Edit

Frozen units cannot act for 3 turns. Attacks, movement, and abilities (including unblockable ones) are disabled. (Unstoppable) abilities and Passives are still usable. So far, all Freeze abilities have been (Magic), but indirect Freeze from FrostMephit or GravityMage are not (they take on other abilities or passives). FrostMephit is immune to Freeze and Freeze destroys Fireball. GiantSlime's passive does not work while frozen.

Units with this ability: FrostMage, Penguin, Comet, GravityMage, FrostMephit, Aquarius, Undine

Freezes enemy for 3 turns. Passive abilities still work while frozen, such as Wisp's mirror ability.

Units with this ability: FrostMage, Penguin

FrostMage Penguin

Petrify Edit

Petrified units cannot act for 5 turns. Attacks, movement, and abilities (including unblockable ones) are disabled. (Unstoppable) abilities and Passives are still usable. So far, all Petrify abilities have been (Ranged). Medusa is immune to Petrify.

Petrify enemy unit for 5 turns. Passive abilities still work while petrified. Petrified units block movement unless they are transparent.

Units with this ability: Basilisk, Medusa, Gnome, EarthElemental

Basilisk Medusa

Poison Edit

Poisoned Units are destroyed in 3 turns.

(Magic) Poison will capture a unit after three turns of the status affect. Units with this status affect will appear green.

This ability is less useful when protecting units since the targeted piece has three turns to either do more damage, or be healed by the Alchemist.

Units with this ability: PoisonMage, Spider, Alchemist.

PoisonMage Spider Alchemist

Poison Heal Edit

Alchemist can heal poisoned unit. Also, poisoned minion unit gets healed when it gets promoted. Vampire demotion to Bat also have this effect.

Another ways to heal posion:

  • Poisoned unit turned to sapling or ghost
  • Poisoned Prince turned into King
  • Poisoned Slime (GiantSlime) → GiantSlime (Slime)

Trivia Edit

  • Though one turn is comprised of two parts, an ally turn and an enemy turn, it is all referred to as a single turn. This means there is hidden information regarding how long a status effect truly lasts, as for example the "1 turn" from FrostMephit and the "1 turn" from Aquarius mean very different things (the second one prevents purposeful triggers from setting up attacks unlike FrostMephit). Similarly, Enchant is 4 "half-turns" but says 2, while Freeze is 5 "half-turns" but says 3.