The SoulKeeper is a Champion Unit from the Arcane Box.

Ability: The SoulKeeper can transform an enemy into an ally Ghost.


"In my grasp, not even death can save you." -- In game tip

Strategy: SoulKeeper Edit

Strength: SoulKeeper Edit

Soul keeper attacks like a knight, has great mobility, and can also create a strong minion from enemies [a unique ability except Necromancer]. These two can be used in conjunction to create easy forks, and late game domination as the opponent's morale is slowly drained and his/her pieces soon become his downfall. If that wasn't enough, his knight jump can also swap pieces.

Not only does the SoulKeeper provide an excellent amount of board control from the center, this ability can rapidly create new and unexpected threats. SoulKeeper under attack? Swap in a lower-value (but still threatening) piece like a fireball or samurai, creating a dilemma for the opponent: suffer the attack of the newly-swapped piece, or capture it and immediately get recaptured by the SoulKeeper jumping back. One of the strongest champions in the game, at SK++ and higher, the soul capture becomes even stronger, eliminating the diagonal vulnerability SK and SK+ suffer from.

Weakness: SoulKeeper Edit

At SK and SK+, the largest weakness is the diagonal vulnerability. Enemy pawns and bishops can relentlessly attack the SK, and being a high cost piece, it will not be able to attack successfully. The Soul capture ability does not allow it to move, so using its ability while it is under attack is generally not a feasible option.

The SoulKeeper's biggest weakness at higher levels is his price tag: he has the same attack range as a Knight++, but for 1.5x the cost-- as much as a queen-- and keep in mind that high costing pieces suffer from enemy forks, discoveries, skewers, and pins. It can even be difficult to find a fair trade. If you want to get your money's worth out of the SoulKeeper you really need to leverage his unique abilities, which can be tricky: his ghost attack is very short range and his jump has the Knight's odd attack pattern. If you want to get some use out of his ghost creation you need to find forks, but it can be difficult to find spots where the SoulKeeper can threaten adjacent pieces without just being immediately captured, let alone spots where the SoulKeeper can safely fork. Also, because the ghosts created by Soulkeeper do not block movement, the transform should not be used when there is an enemy attack being blocked by the transform's target.

Strategy: SoulKeeper Upgrades Edit

Most players use SoulKeeper or SoulKeeper++. The other two levels have slight improvement in mobility.

SoulKeeper+ Edit

The extra teleportation is usually not worth the points.

SoulKeeper++ Edit

Extra transform spots covers its diagonal weakness it had in previous level. Highly recommended upgrade.

SoulKeeper+++ Edit

Some extra teleportation for mobility, sometimes helpful although not game-changing if you have strong control nevertheless.

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