The Shop is the core of the economy in Chess Evolved Online.

Packs Edit

You may buy packs with random pieces from the shop for Dragon coin coins or Ruby rubies. Currently, there are 6 packs available. The bonus drop for each unit comes after the other ones.

Type Price Content ~Distribution in % Lucky
Common Rare Epic Legendary
1000 Dragon coin 1 random unit 79.55 17.18 2.89 0.38 100
2500 Dragon coin 1Ruby 4 random units.

At least 1 rare

58.44 38.84 2.63 0.09 2
Ultra Crate
50Ruby 20 random units.

At least 1 epic

60.96 24.72 11.68 2.64 15
Clan Box
7500 Dragon coin 8 Clan units.

At least 2 rare

63.90 33.10 2.68 0.32 4
Arcane Box
7500 Dragon coin 8 Arcane units.

At least 2 rare

65.52 30.94 3.23 0.31 4
Forest Box
7500 Dragon coin 8 Forest units.

At least 2 rare

68.09 27.39 3.42 0.52 4

*Rarity distributions were acquired through collected data and may not reflect actual algorithms. All data is based on this spreadsheet. See this thread for more details.

Lucky Boxes Edit

Boxes can count as lucky if their total point value, based on the combined rarity of the units received, exceeds a certain amount (based on the pack opened), the pack will play a "Lucky" sound upon opening.

Rarity Points
Common 0
Rare 1
Epic 5
Legendary 15

Exchange Edit


Exchange screen with visible prototype shops.

Exchange screen gives players the ability to exchange currencies for other currencies.

Currency Exchange Edit

Currency exchange allows players to buy Ruby rubies for Dragon coin coins and vice versa. Players can buy Dragon coin coins for 5Ruby, or buy 5Ruby rubies for Dragon coin. Exchange rates depend on past exchanges made by other players, as buying coins reduces Market Value by 1 and buying rubies increases Market Value by 1.

Each exchange has a total of 500 gold tax, as both buying and selling effectively costs 250 gold.

Buying Coins: -5Ruby, +5MVDragon coin - 250Dragon coin

Buying Rubies: +5Ruby, -5MVDragon coin - 250Dragon coin

Global Token Trade Edit

It isn't clear yet whether this shop will ever be implemented, so it's only visible as [LOCKED PROTOTYPE]. It's supposed to let players buy and sell tokens unlocking special game modes.

  • Blitz Token
  • Flame Token
  • Hell Token

Global Crystal Trade Edit

Apparently, crystals are supposed to be a special resource used to improve pieces in place of upgrading them.

Unit Shop Edit


Shop screen. Notice absence of Gemini and its relatively high price.

It is possible to buy individual units from the shop directly for Ruby rubies or sell them for Dragon coin coins. The price of each unit is inversely proportional to its amount in stock, reaching maximum when there are no pieces available. Thus, high price and stock shortage may be a good sign that certain piece is better than others. Unlocking each tier requires a certain amount of Experience or Rating.

Rarity Experience Rating Min Price Max Price Max Stock
Common 10,000 250Rating 1Ruby 4Ruby 10,000
Rare 15,000 500Rating 3Ruby 10Ruby 2,500
Epic 20,000 750Rating 20Ruby 50Ruby 500
Legendary 25,000 1,000Rating 50Ruby 175Ruby 100

As of 0.43, the market does not regenerate. The only way to restock the shop is to sell pieces.

Pieces sold into a shop that is already at maximum stock are destroyed permanently.

New pieces introduced in an update are automatically fully stocked.

Blessings Edit

Blessings give extra Dragon coin gold after each Practice and Ranked match.

Type Requirement Value Effect
Dragon's Favor 500Rating 1Ruby +50%
Dragon's Grace 1500Rating 3Ruby +100%
Dragon's Blessing 2500Rating 6Ruby +150%

Note that blessings multiply the Blitz coin bonus as well.

Buying Rubies Edit

Ruby buy screen (kongregate)

Kongreagte Buy Ruby menu.

Rubies can be bought for Kreds on Kongregate or directly on Facebook. The menus shown are different for each; a Phoenix can be seen to the right, and on Facebook there are amounts behind the Kreds symbol. A one-time bonus for 50 contribution is given for the first purchase.

Buying Info

Dollars Kreds Rubies Box Contribution
2.99 30 105 10
9.99 100 375 Bronze 30
19.99 200 900 Silver 60
49.99 500 2500 Gold 150
99.99 1000 6000 Diamond 300