The Salamander is a Minion unit that belongs to the Basic group. It promotes to the FireElemental.

Salamander tier

Strategy: Salamander Edit

Salamanders can attack using magic, which can be both good and bad depending on the situation.

Strength: Salamander Edit

Salamanders have unique frontal coverage similar to a Pyromancer wherein they can attack the target using magic (without moving). This ability can be taken advantage by "locking in" the area in front of them, wherein enemy pieces would not be able to go to since it would mean suicide. Also, salamanders (unupgraded) cost 0 thus, not taking up much capacity in your army. Salamander's upgrade is also a threat to be reckoned -- firelemental has very powerful forking abilities with its magic.

Weakness: Salamander Edit

Salamanders cannot move forward but can only move diagonally, this can make it quite hard to control since it's main attack is mainly focused directly at front. Its base form is also not great at all, with only magic attack forward. In addition, if the opponent is well-protected they may simply out-wait the firelemental in late game to let it fizzle into nothingness. If the Salamander is blocked, it also cannot move backwards until its final tier.