Note: the +++ tier is outdated, as the move-only are actually teleports.

The RoyalGuard is a minion from the basic set, and is also the only legendary minion. It can teleport to any location directly adjacent to his ally King, providing cover from long range attacks.

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Quick Stat: RoyalGuard Edit

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: RoyalGuard+ Edit

To Upgrade from RoyalGuard to RoyalGuard+, you need 2 RoyalGuard and 250 Dragon Coins.

Tier 3: RoyalGuard++ Edit

To Upgrade from RoyalGuard to RoyalGuard++, you need 2 RoyalGuard+ and 1000 Dragon Coins.

Tier 4: RoyalGuard+++ Edit

To Upgrade from RoyalGuard to RoyalGuard+++, you need 2 RoyalGuard++ and 5000 Dragon Coins.

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Strategy: RoyalGuard Edit

The ability to teleport to his King allows for providing cover from long range attacks, such as for example the Queen, from any location on the board. This allows for tactics leaving the King more open than usual, although care should still be taken since the RoyalGuard will immediately be pinned by the attacking piece.

Strength: RoyalGuard Edit

The RoyalGuard's teleportation ability can be used to create a "wall" of sorts in front of the king if multiple are used, with each RoyalGuard covering the other. Their low cost of 3 when un-upgraded may make your opponent reconsider simply rushing your king's position if RoyalGuards are present. It also provides good assistance to prince if you have multiple. RoyalGuard can also help Princess before and after it promotes.

Weakness: RoyalGuard Edit

Too many RoyalGuards defending your king will limit its mobility, and may lead to an inescapable checkmate if the opponent has a unit with unblockable attacks. Un-upgraded RoyalGuards are not the best piece mobility-wise for early game, having movement options identical to a Slime++. This lack of mobility may hinder piece development in the early stages of the game, potentially allowing the opponent to control the board more effectively. Higher levels of RoyalGuard may have strong attacks, but they trade poorly with other minions.

Strategy: RoyalGuard Upgrades Edit

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RoyalGuard+ Edit

RoyalGuard++ Edit

RoyalGuard+++ Edit

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