Rating is used to determine rank and unlock features. You earn rating by winning ranked matches (unlocked at 5,000 exp). Rating will decrease if you lose a ranked match. Rating can be found on the main page next to the golden trophy icon. The bronze trophy icon is the highest rating you have achieved.

Rating and Morale Edit

Highest rating is used to increase the maximum total value of your army. The higher the rating you obtain the more value you will have available to use. The rating required to increase your value is shown in the edit army screen. You start with 80 possible army value and can increase it, to a maximum of 100, gaining 1 more point every 100 rating.

Challenges Edit

At 500 rating you will unlock challenges. These challenges can be completed to obtain up to 20 rubies, based on the difficulty of the challenge..

Shop Edit

Blessings Edit

At certain ratings blessings can be bought to increase dragon coins for 24 hours. Each blessing costs rubies and only lasts for one day.

The types of blessings are:

Blessing Effect Cost
Dragon's Favor 50% dragon coin increase (24 hours) 2 rubies
Dragon's Grace 100% dragon coin increase (24 hours) 4 rubies
Dragon's Blessing 150% dragon coin increase (24 hours) 6 rubies

Direct Buying Edit

You may direct buy or sell pieces at the shop. You must unlock each rank of unit to sell by either obtaining a certain amount of experience or a certain rating.

Rank Edit

Your rank is determined by how much rating you have. The various ranks include:

Rank Rating to Unlock
Beginner Starting rank
Novice 500
Advanced 1000
Expert 1500
Master 2000
Grandmaster 2500

At 3000 rating, the trophy icon for Highest Rating changes to Diamond.

Landmarks Edit

Landmark bonuses for Rating are bonus boxes from Bronze up to Diamond.