The Ranger is a Champion unit from the Forest Box. It has the ability to perform (Ranged) Destroy attacks.

Ranger tier

Strategy: Ranger Edit

Since v0.41, Ranger's attacks became "(Ranged) Destroy" instead of "(Magic) Destroy". The range attack can be blocked by a unit between the target location and the attack location, making it easier to destroy. In games, this has the affect of weakening the threat power of the Ranger, making it unable to force a move out of a higher cost target if it can simply be blocked. It is possible to create a line of four Rangers in the center-back of the board to have complete coverage over the row 2 squares in front of them. This can be a great defense against slow, advancing champions.

Strength: Ranger Edit

Ranger has "(Ranged) Destroy", which allows it to safely kill pieces that are pinned or cannot move.

The Ranger can easily kill minions, due to their relative immobility.

While not being as good as FireElemental, a Ranger close by to a King can perform lots of checks, and lots of forks against enemy champions. (And unlike Firelemental, it can last the whole game even without any kills)

Weakness: Ranger Edit

Ranger cannot attack diagonally until +++, and also cannot use its Ranged (Destroy) horizontally until ++. These glaring blindspots can easily be taken advantage of if the Ranger is used too offensively. In addition, its movement is very slow, causing escape difficult. Fast units will have no trouble dashing into its blindspots and eliminating it.

Due to the blockability of the Ranged attack, an opponent can fairly easily use a minion or cheap champion to free a square or force the ranger to move.

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