The Prince is a Champion unit that possesses the unique ability to provide another King if yours has died.

Table of Contents: Quick Stat & Upgrades | Strategy | Upgrades (+/-)

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Quick Stat: Prince Edit

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: Prince+ Edit

To Upgrade from Prince to Prince+, you need 4 Prince and 75 Dragon Coins.

Tier 3: Prince++ Edit

To Upgrade from Prince to Prince++, you need 4 Prince+ and 300 Dragon Coins.

Tier 4: Prince+++ Edit

To Upgrade from Prince to Prince+++, you need 4 Prince++ and 1500 Dragon Coins.

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Strategy: Prince Edit

Strength: Prince Edit

The Prince is a potent defensive unit. Although he is hilariously weak for his cost, the Prince provides valuable insurance against decapitation strikes against your King. As long as you keep your Prince and King adjacent to each other, lone attackers trying to take out your King are doomed to fail: as soon as an attacker takes the King, the Prince can avenge his death and take the crown. This lets you make aggressive plays without having to worry about protecting your King. Prince can also combine with royal guard to have an assisting minion with great mobility (since Prince's mobility is fantastic compared to royal guard). Higher levels of Prince can also stay a further distance and still protect king against potential checkmates.

Weakness: Prince Edit

The Prince takes up a decent amount of space in your army setup and provides practically no offensive power. Starting at Prince++ he can be a somewhat acceptable attacker, but if he moves away from the King's side he loses his main advantage. Remember that you have to be able to survive the capture of the King, too: if you're at 25 morale or less, you'll lose as soon as your King is taken, before you have a chance to activate the Prince. As such the Prince is basically useless for the endgame, so be careful about blindly making trades.

At all levels Prince also only gives back 20 morale, so you still lose 5 morale overall.


-Prince is one of the two pieces in the game capable of providing you with another king, the other piece being Envy.