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(Actual Cost: 5/7/10/14)

Table of Contents: Quick Stat & Upgrades | Strategy | Upgrades (+/-)

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The PoisonMage is a Champion unit from the Arcane Box. It has the ability (Magic) Poison.

Quick Stat: PoisonMage Edit

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: PoisonMage+ Edit

To Upgrade from PoisonMage to PoisonMage+, you need 5 PoisonMage and 25 Dragon Coins.

Changes from PoisonMage: Adds poison on directly adjacent diagonal fields

Tier 3: PoisonMage++ Edit

To Upgrade from PoisonMage+ to PoisonMage++, you need 5 PoisonMage+ and 100 Dragon Coins.

Changes from PoisonMage+: The move only fields are now move or attack

Tier 4: PoisonMage+++ Edit

To Upgrade from PoisonMage++ to PoisonMage+++, you need 5 PoisonMage++ and 500 Dragon Coins.

Changes from PoisonMage++: Adds poison on the above and below the horizontal teleports, as well as change the move or attack to include swap places

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Strategy: PoisonMage Edit

Strength: Edit

The PoisonMage has ranged poison attack, increasingly dangerous at high tiers, since it has great forking potential. Its teleportation movements also make it tricky to trap in. It doesn't have a high cost so it may be used as an advantageous trade. Its unblockable attack at higher tiers also helps against armored pieces.

Weakness: Edit

The non-upgraded PoisonMage has adjacent weakness, while all tiers have weakness to longer ranged pieces. Poisoned units still have 3 turns to counter-attack. PoisonMage also doesn't get its unblockable attack until ++. Poisonmage is also practically useless against status immune pieces.


Along with Alchemist, Thundermage, FireMage and Taurus, it is one of the only five pieces capable of killing Wisp without dying itself.