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The Pawn is a vanilla Minion Unit from the game of chess. It can move forward one tile, and can attack units in the upper-left and upper-right adjacent tiles. It has a cost of zero.

Table of Contents: Quick Stat & Upgrades | Strategy | Upgrades (+/-)

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Quick Stat: Pawn Edit

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: Pawn+ Edit

To Upgrade from Pawn to Pawn+, you need 5 Pawn and 25 Dragon Coins.

Changes from Pawn: Adds an additional move from starting position

Tier 3: Pawn++ Edit

To Upgrade from Pawn+ to Pawn++, you need 5 Pawn+ and 100 Dragon Coins.

Changes from Pawn+: Adds an additional move from starting position

Tier 4: Pawn+++ Edit

To Upgrade from Pawn++ to Pawn+++, you need 5 Pawn++ and 500 Dragon Coins.

Changes from Pawn++: Adds an additional move from starting position

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Strategy: Pawn Edit

Despite taking on somewhat of a lacking appearance, the Pawn can be useful for backing up units. A pair of pawns may be able to push back a champion if one pawn is diagonal from the other. Pawns make excellent sacrifices for setting up the game in your favor.

Strength: Pawn Edit

A carefully planned pawn structure can quickly control important board zones, especially the upgraded pawns that can jump forward 5 squares on first move. Since the normal pawn has a 0 cost, opponent will think twice before exchanging his prize minions. Thinking the pawn as fodder generally leads to compensating sacrifices. A lonely pawn is a sitting duck but when they are defending each other diagonally, they form a strong wall that can sustain your champions' positions. Along with Bat+++, pawn+++ is currently one of the only two minions able to instantly promote, putting a soft threat on the column it is on.

Weakness: Pawn Edit

The Pawn is somewhat lacking in movement, unless his starting position jump ability is used. It can easily be blocked by any piece in front of him and his adjacent forward diagonal attack is very limited. it can't attack or move behind itself. It has a blind spot in front, and can't avoid Ranged attacks.