(Actual Cost: 12/14/15/16)

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The Paladin is a Champion unit from the Clan Box. The Paladin is able to swap places with any unit on the row that it occupies. This makes it especially useful when friendly units who are worth more, such as a King, are threatened.

Quick Stat: Paladin Edit

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: Paladin+ Edit

To Upgrade from Paladin to Paladin+, you need 4 Paladin and 75 Dragon Coins.

Tier 3: Paladin++ Edit

To Upgrade from Paladin to Paladin++, you need 4 Paladin+ and 300 Dragon Coins.

Tier 4: Paladin+++ Edit

To Upgrade from Paladin to Paladin+++, you need 4 Paladin++ and 1500 Dragon Coins.

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Strategy: Paladin Edit

Strength: Paladin Edit

The Paladin is an incredibly strong defensive piece. Not only is the Paladin capable of covering an entire row, even from a protected position, the Paladin can preemptively swap in to take attacks in place of higher value pieces such as a Queen or King. It is very difficult to checkmate a King backed up by a Paladin, and multiple Paladins covering each other create a nearly impenetrable defense. Paladins are also a deadly offensive threat, with a huge unblock able attack area.

The Paladin is best placed far away from your King and any other valuable pieces, if possible. This ensures that if the King is rushed, the Paladin can shove him away to safety. If you see an attack building up on your King's position, don't wait until it's too late to swap the King: once the barrage begins swapping the Paladin in to take an attack from the King often means sacrificing your Paladin (sometimes without even getting anything in exchange.) On the other hand, if you just sat there and watched your opponent spend 5 moves lining up their pieces to rush your King en masse, a single timely swap can stymie all their preparations and leave them with their best attacking pieces stuck on the wrong side of the board entirely.

Weakness: Paladin Edit

The Paladin's biggest weakness is lack of vertical mobility. In the endgame, more mobile pieces can shift rapidly between offense and defense and Paladins can't keep up. They also get progressively weaker as pieces are removed and the board opens up: their unblockable move is a huge asset when there are other pieces to shield them, but when there are only a couple pieces on the board Paladins turn into weaker Rooks. Don't be afraid to trade your Paladin away in the mid game before it loses relevance. Their lack of diagonal coverage also creates a nasty blind spot and makes it difficult to maneuver around; upgraded Paladins do a lot to mitigate these weaknesses, but this comes at a hefty morale cost.