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The MoonFox is a Champion unit. When it is captured, it will be revived once, on condition that the square where Moonfox revives (one square beneath the square where it was captured) is free.

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Quick Stat: MoonFox Edit

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: MoonFox+ Edit

To Upgrade from MoonFox to MoonFox+, you need 2 MoonFox and 250 Dragon Coins.

Tier 3: MoonFox++ Edit

To Upgrade from MoonFox to MoonFox++, you need 2 MoonFox+ and 1000 Dragon Coins.

Tier 4: MoonFox+++ Edit

To Upgrade from MoonFox to MoonFox+++, you need 2 MoonFox++ and 5000 Dragon Coins.

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Strategy: MoonFox Edit

MoonFox' ability to revive after being captured by the enemy is its main advantage. Most players use it accordingly, often positioning MoonFox on those spots where they threaten an enemy piece, while the square the MoonFox sits on itself, is being threatened by another enemy piece. This puts the opponent for a dilemma: if he does not take the Moonfox a piece will be captured, if he does capture the MoonFox it will simply revive (if it has not been revived before) and his piece will be out of formation. This strategy works even better when the MoonFox immediately threatens another piece on the square it is revived on. Pairing up a MoonFox with a Lifestone+ (or a Lifestone+++ for a MoonFox++) gives this strategy an extra dimension. A MoonFox that has been captured twice, can be revived by a Lifestone, reviving MoonFox for its original value and thus having its reviving ability once again.

Strength: MoonFox Edit

The main strength of MoonFox is its ability to revive, as described in the strategy above. Its base version can threaten and cover pieces up to three squares diagonally each way. It's therefore a good piece for support and defence. Upgraded, it has good movement options and MoonFox+++ even can attack pieces in front of it.

Weakness: MoonFox Edit

MoonFox is vulnerable against units that threaten it horizontally or vertically. It also has less range then Bishops and can't move in a fork, making it weak against Knights. One of it biggest pitfalls is the fact that it will only revive if the square it would revive on is not occupied by another piece. The upgraded versions, while being more mobile, are quite expensive putting users of it in the position they have less points available for the other pieces in their army.

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