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Medusa is a Epic Champion, that has the ability to Petrify enemy units, making them unable to move and attack for five turns after being petrified. Medusa may only move diagonal, with the exception of Medusa+++. Medusa+++ has the ability to teleport in forks (these teleportations cannot be blocked by other pieces) like the knight.

Table of Contents: Quick Stat & Upgrades | Strategy | Upgrades (+/-)

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Quick Stat: Medusa Edit

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: Medusa+ Edit

To Upgrade from Medusa to Medusa+, you need 3 Medusa and 150 Dragon Coins.

Tier 3: Medusa++ Edit

To Upgrade from Medusa to Medusa++, you need 3 Medusa+ and 600 Dragon Coins.

Tier 4: Medusa+++ Edit

To Upgrade from Medusa to Medusa+++, you need 3 Medusa++ and 3000 Dragon Coins.

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Strategy: Medusa Edit

Medusa is a perfect support piece for a army that uses a lot of ranged units and/or units that use magic. After being petrified, the ranged units can move in to finish the paralyzed units off.

Strength: Medusa Edit

As stated in the strategy above, Medusa is really good at temporarily taking out units in squares horizontal or vertical adjacent to it. This turns these units in sitting ducks for five turns giving you the ability to target them and finish them off. Defensively, this gives you the chance to reorganize your defence while a key attacker is petrified. Medusa is also one of the few units that can move diagonally every way and upgraded its range covers a acceptable four squares to each side. Fully upgraded, Medusa even has unblockable teleport ability in a fork pattern like the Knight, making it a very mobile piece while having 4x4 squares to Petrify horizontally and vertically.

Weakness: Medusa Edit

While being quite mobile for its cost, Medusa is still vulnerable against Bishops and Queens, as they outrange Medusa in range. Also, since Medusa cannot attack in forks, it may be targeted safely by Knights and Dragons. Units with the status Immune are not threatened by Medusa, which gives upgraded Skeletons the chance to hunt it down.