Lust is legendary unit that can pull opponent pieces towards it.

Lust tier-0

Strategy: Lust Edit

It can be difficult to use Lust, find a place from which to use the ability and then be able to kill the target without entering the range of another unit or especially when it attracts several enemies to the simultaneous. A Lust is a unit that may be best used in the company of other units, like some minions, making Lust attrack enemies, and let your low-value units kill them without risking Lust.

One tactic that could be useful using only Lust would be to place it in front of the minions's wall of your enemy, that way you would draw them, breaking the defense of your enemy, then with other units to attack. This is especially useful against entropic minions, since it will cost them to adapt to their new place.

You can also use lust to prevent movement, placing it in strategic places so that your enemy can not move pieces, although this would make an Ranger better, since he would not have to worry about attracting the wrong enemies, and also it would be easier to deal with the objective.

Strength: Lust Edit

Lust Threatens pulled pieces, being able to create powerful forks(after update). It also synergies with samurai because it allows the pull at end of opponent's turn and auto-attack at beginning, forcing the opponent to move away or take lust or samurai. It is also quite cheap compared to Ranger, despite having similar attacks and movement.

Weakness: Lust Edit

When in the back row Lust and Lust+ are very weak at attacking before manoeuvred into position. Higher levels of lust (++ and +++) can also doom themselves by causing too many opponent units to advance, causing position and turn disadvantage.

Trivia Edit

  • Lust has the roman numeral "I" (1) at its pedestal, indicating that it is the first of 7 sins to be released as pieces in the game.
  • When multiple Lusts attract an enemy piece, precedence will go to the one first in a1-h8 order. This is very hidden information.