The Hermit is a unit that is rumored to be in the game. While extremely rare, it is known that the piece exists as several people have posted images of it. However, this piece is most likely only used in challenges since it is unavailable to buy in the store.

It has the move set of a paladin, but turned vertically. The image of the piece is simply a Minotaur with a Samurai hat.


Strategy: Hermit Edit

This piece, even without upgrades, is one of the most overpowered pieces in the entire game. Its unlimited and unblockable vertical range allow to quickly checkmate an unprepared opponent, and also make it able to swapp back entropic minions.

Strength: Hermit Edit

The Hermit most unique feature is its vertical move or attack. Used with an horizontal swapper, such as paladin, or higher tiers of hermit, the vertical firepower of the Hermit can be quickely deployed on any rank, and threaten valuable pieces. To that reguard, Hermit can be viewed as slightly more efficient rusher than Valkyrie, but also comes at a much higher price. Hermit, especially + and above, has a decent coverage though.

Weakness: Hermit Edit

The base tier of Hermit is one of the very few pieces (minions or champion) in CEO with no king move (it can't attack one space diagonally), which is a significant weaknes, as even a mere lone pawn can threaten the all mighty Hermit.

Comet can be a temporary solution to an early Hermit rush. Minotaur can somewhat deter such rush, but in absence of morale winning pieces, the Minotaur player is usually at a disadvantage, since not only the Hermit player can take one free piece before he dies, but if the Hermit player has several Hermits, he has enough threats to finish the game.

Having a number of Prince greater or equal than the number of hermit of your opponent is probably the only efficient way to deal with Hermit (beside running Hermit yourself), which, transitively, proves the superiority of Prince in the current meta.

Trivia : Hermit Edit

The drop rate of Hermit is not documented because, like for any other piece in the game, Grand himself does not know it.