The GravityMage is a Legendary Champion of the Basic Faction.

(Costs are outdated. Real costs: 8, 10, 12, 14)

The GravityMage has the unique ability to pull pieces to a target square. This allows for many tactics that would otherwise be unfeasible, like the destruction of pieces from extremely long range through a proxy.== Quick Stat: GravityMage ==

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Tier 2: GravityMage+ Edit

Tier 3: GravityMage++ Edit

Tier 4: GravityMage+++ Edit

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 Strategy: GravityMage Edit

Has synergy with freeze along with ranged or magic abilities, especially thunder. If you can get a GravityMage to the last rank it can be used to instantly promote a unit behind it on the board. (but this is very difficult to accomplish, it'd be easier to just get the minion to the last rank)

Strength: GravityMage Edit

Great at picking off pieces. Having a Ranger, Archer, FireElemental, Pyromancer, Lilith, or Samurai that can target the GravityMage's ability target makes the GravityMage zone deadly, as any piece entering will be pulled and killed. FrostMage is also helpful to prevent opponent from moving. Thunder can combine with freeze or petrify in order to kill off pieces. GravityMage is also relatively cheap.

Weakness: GravityMage Edit

Can't move forward at all, and has no power to attack. If it is taken and you have built a setup around it, your setup becomes much weaker. Much less effective against units immune to Freeze or Magic. Swappers and Beacon can also save frozen pieces.