The FireElemental is a Champion unit that belongs to the Basic group. It has the ability (Magic) Destroy Target.

FE tier

Strategy: FireElemental Edit

The FireElemental is a unit based on a past version of the Ranger. Like the Ranger it can attack from far away even without moving.

Strength: FireElemental Edit

The FireElemental's magic attack can strike enemy units from far away even if a path is blocked. This makes it a good piece for defense. It can "lock in" certain parts of the board so no enemy units can go to them. Gains knight-like teleportation at ++ that greatly increases its mobility, making it more difficult to pin down and augmenting its forking ability further. In the early game, the killing to gain value can help you survive longer.

Weakness: FireElemental Edit

At the late part of the game, the FireElemental becomes a lot more useless since units are now given a lot more space. Firelemental base also has adjacent diagonal weakness. In addition, the FireElementals themselves have very bad mobility until their ++ and +++ iterations. FireElemental and FireElemental+ are much more expensive than their respective counterparts Ranger++ and Ranger+++ for the same range. Decay can potentially punish overly defensive play.