Dryad is a Forest Champion unit. Its main ability is to summon Saplings, used mostly for defensive and morale supplement.

Table of Contents: Quick Stat & Upgrades | Strategy | Upgrades (+/-)

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Sapling and Tree Edit

Saplings are pieces which can be summoned by the Dryad for 1 Morale. They are used as effective shields that simply block movement. The Sapling gains 1 value every turn, starting at 1, to 3 value, in which it transforms into a Tree and stops growing.


Quick Stat: Dryad Edit

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: Dryad+ Edit

To Upgrade from Dryad to Dryad+, you need 5 Dryad and 25 Dragon Coins.

Changes from Dryad: Adds move only in every diagonal direction

Tier 3: Dryad++ Edit

To Upgrade from Dryad+ to Dryad++, you need 5 Dryad+ and 100 Dragon Coins.

Changes from Dryad+: Diagonal moves now have range 2

Tier 4: Dryad+++ Edit

To Upgrade from Dryad++ to Dryad+++, you need 5 Dryad++ and 500 Dragon Coins.

Changes from Dryad++: Adds 2 teleport fields in every direction, alongside the Dryads position

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Strategy: Dryad Edit

Dryad can be used effectively as a defender. The defended point will be replaced by a Sapling which can block further attacks towards other pieces, while Dryad can still guard the summoned Sapling. As of v0.43, due to the fact now Saplings now gain morale for a number of turns until it transforms into a Tree, it can also be used for morale supplement, countering morale decays.

Strength: Dryad Edit

Dryad has a great mobility, which is further improved in upgraded versions. It also has a relatively low cost. The Saplings summoned by the Dryad can be used effectively as a shield defending from melee units, particularly orthogonal melee units. Since the Saplings grow in value each turn for 2 turns, it can be used as a morale bank, allowing a net gain up to 3 morale even if it is left unmoved in the back row.

Weakness: Dryad Edit

Dryad has a very limited attack range, which is only 1 space in the orthogonal direction. Even though the upgrades can grant it a better movement range, its attack range remains unchanged throughout the upgrades. This makes it very prone to diagonal, or in general, non-orthogonal attacks, even by a Pawn. Also, once Dryad moves out of its summoned Saplings or Trees, or when the Dryad is attacked, the Saplings or Trees themselves would become almost useless, often resulting in a morale deficit due to the cost of summoning one.