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To each it is left unknown, that to each it is granted, this gift brings a curse; that every memory of something as a part of anything can become everything in an instant, as existence in this place and time brings a power unlike any other to create that which can create, and to manifest something in the mind of anyone, that beckons their soul to the heavens of Earth.

This is a wiki for the game Chess Evolved Online (sometimes abbreviated CEO) to help players understand game mechanics, and to list units and their abilities. The game was made by Joseph Lormand (TheGrandestine). If you want to edit the wiki, be sure to check the "Recent Activity" tab under "On the Wiki" Section for information. If you have any questions, head to the "Forum" tab under the same section.

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Chess Evolved Online is a flash game. Like its name indicates, it is based loosely on Chess with the addition of elements from some online CCGs - it is not just about strategy, but about planning. Like deck building in a regular CCG, you can arrange your units anywhere in the first two rows (like Chess960) as long as it follows the rule for minions (like the Pawn) being in the front row and champions (like the Bishop) being in the back row. In addition, there are many custom new units (similar to those from Fairy Chess) that can be used in the army, along with an upgrade system that increases the power of units in exchange for an increased cost.

You can play the game on Kongregate or Facebook.

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As the wiki of CEO can't be always updated immediately, if you want to have a look at the properties of units, it is much faster to go to the store in the game. You can check for information about all units in the store.

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