No Hidden Information is a category of obscured game elements, made to be useful to beginners. For example, Class, Wisp, Phoenix, and Summon and Transformation all have poorly communicated interactions or abilities, while units that depend on previous turns, like LifeStone, Necromancer or Ghast can be obscured. Other units on this list are units that generate other units that may not be familiar, like Lich generating Skeleton, and Promotion generating units you may have never seen before.

The title of this category is due to a misunderstanding on the part of the category's original creator regarding Joseph Lormand's stated design tenet of having no hidden information in the game; the term refers to abilities that a game hides from one player but not the other. The lack of transparency displayed by items in this category is an unrelated design issue, but at least one that its existence can help correct.

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