Move2Move or Attack.
Move3Move only.
Move4Attack only.
Move5(Unblockable) Move or Attack.
Move6(Unblockable) Move, Attack, or swap places with ally.
Move7(Unblockable) Teleport.
Move8(Magic) Destroy target.
Move9[Pay 2]: (Magic) Summon Sapling or transform enemy into ally Sapling.
Move10(Magic) Charm enemy minion.
Move11[Pay 4]: (Magic) Summon Value 0 Skeleton.
Move12Move from starting position.
Move13(Magic) Poison enemy unit, destroying them in 3 turns.
Move14(Magic) Freeze enemy unit, making them unable to Move or Attack for 3 turns.
Move15(Ranged) Petrify enemy unit, making them unable to Move or Attack for 5 turns.
Move16(Magic) Polymorph target into random minion.
Move17Teleport unit to random location.
Move18Teleport to empty location and Mass-Teleport all adjacent units to random locations.
Move19[Pay 3]: .
Move20(Magic) Enchant ally, making them immune to melee death for 2 turns. (Enchanted unit cannot target enemy King, and the effect is lost if the unit performs a successful melee attack.)
Move21[Pay 1]: (Magic) Transform enemy into ally Ghost.
Move22(Unblockable) Teleport from starting position.
Move23(Trigger) On Melee Death: Summon ally Slime into this empty location. If GiantSlime is Frozen or Petrified this ability cannot activate.
Move24(Trigger) On Melee Death: Revive into this empty location with value decreased by 10. If value is less than 10 this ability cannot activate.
Move25(Unblockable) Attack Minion.
Move26(Trigger) Enemy Unit: Instantly attack this target at the start of your turn.
Move27Ability Target.
Move28Teleport Ability Target to this empty location.
Move29[Pay 1]: (Ranged) Push unit up to 3 spaces away from caster.
Move30[Pay 6]: (Ranged) Summon GeminiTwin and transform into GeminiTwin, each having value equal to Gemini.
Move31(Magic) Teleport ally King to this empty location.
Move32(Unblockable) Teleport or swap places with ally.
Move33(Magic) Revive most recently fallen ally champion of 2x LifeStone's value or less, and destroy LifeStone.
Move34[Pay 1]: (Trigger) Ally Status Effect: Instantly cure this target at the start of your turn, removing all negative status effects.
Move35[Pay 2]: (Magic) Upgrade ally Skeleton, or transform target enemy minion into ally Value 0 Skeleton.
Move36(Passive) Block one normal attack from this location, and lose this ability.

(Active) Move or Attack.

Move37(Trigger) On Death: Freeze enemy minions in this area.
Move38(Magic) Destroy self at target location and Freeze enemy unit, making them unable to Move or Attack for 3 turns.
Move39(Unstoppable) Transform into Bat and fly to location.
Move40Swap places with ally Champion, then move the King and Champion together, and lose this ability.
Move41Mark location to be destroyed by Magic 4 turns after activating.
Move42(Magic, Trigger) Enemy Unit: At the end of your opponent's turn, target moves 1 space in the direction of Lust.
Move43(Magic) Target unit is teleported to Ability Target.
Move44(Ranged) Destroy target.
Move45[Pay 1]: (Magic) Move target unit toward Ability Target.
Move46(Trigger) Ally Champion targeted by enemy ability or attack: this unit instantly swaps places with targeted champion.
Move47(Magic) Transform into target enemy unit type.
Move48(Magic) Push enemy unit 1 space away from caster and freeze it for 2 turns.
Move49(Passive) On Melee Death from this location: Destroy the attacker.
Move50[Pay 1]: (Magic) Push unit up to 3 spaces away from caster.

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