Due to the huge amount of different pieces, the board disposition at some point will eventually be chaotic. To help, colored icons in the tiles help you analyze the board. Red squares indicate that the opponent is attacking that position, while blue squares is safe (protected by ally). This is very useful on blitz games where fast judgement is necessary.

It is highly recommendable to click on any piece you`re not familiar with to see its movement and attack range. This will highlight all possible moves, attacks and abilities on the board through different colored squares:

  • Blue: movement only 
  • Red: attack only
  • Black: movement and attack
  • Yellow: movement, attack and swap places with ally
  • Purple: unblockable movement (teleport)
  • Green: unblockable attack and movement 
  • Green (different hue): poison
  • Green (different pattern): Push abilities
  • Orange: destroy target (no movement)
  • Light blue: freeze
  • Various different icons show the placement of many abilities. Other abilities include castling, teleport king, portal, resurrection, etc...

One last thing to pay attention: every time you make a move, red straight lines will show on board to indicate which pieces you are currently attacking and blue lines the pieces you are now defending.

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