Beacon is a utility minion that can teleport friendly minions or champion within range to the tile directly in front of itself. It has no ability to move or attack on its own.== Quick Stat: Beacon ==

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: Beacon+ Edit

Changes from Beacon: Range increased from 4 to 5. Cost increased to 2

Tier 3: Beacon++ Edit

Changes from Beacon+: Range increased from 5 to 6. Cost increased to 3.

Tier 4: Beacon+++ Edit

Changes from Beacon++: Range increased from 6 to 7. Cost increased to 4.

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Strategy Edit

Strengths: Beacon is able to teleport champions or minions alike within its range right above it. This can be used in combination with limited movement pieces, such as legionary or vampire. It is also status immune, making it impossible to freeze, petrify, or poison.

Weaknesses: Beacon has no attacks or direct way to defend itself, and it cannot move. It has limited teleportation range so it may not be able to save a piece far away. It also cannot teleport the king or phoenix egg, something that Portal or Nexus [alternatives to beacon] can do. Multiple beacons also offer barely any advantage since they often cover the same area, so most setups can only strategically use one beacon well.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to v0.42, Beacon was able to recall any ally unit. This caused a rise of armies involving the use of Beacon to recall an attacked Phoenix (which turned into PhoenixEgg) into a safe location. This type of armies was known as the "Phoenix-Beacon Combo", Bacon and Eggs, or Breakfast combo.
    • Due to the simple setup of the army and the difficulty to counter it, this combo received a large amount of negative feedback, with several attempts to ban it in within the community. Nonetheless, numerous users used the setup to gain large amounts of rating, reaching Grandmaster while it wasn't patched.
    • This synergy was patched in v0.42, where Beacon's recall ability was changed so that it could only recall Champion and Minion units. This combo was mentioned in the patch notes, with the line "PhoenixBeacon deactivated!".
    • This led to a big conspiracy theory, as this combo was the only one that took 2 months to patch.