Actual Cost 14,16,18,22

Angel is a legendary champion. At all its tiers, its death enchants ally minions for one turn.

At base, it is able to move 2 range in orthogonal directions, as well as being able to perform unblockable attack and


swap with allies in same pattern as Valkyrie. At later tiers it gains diagonal movement then attack.

Strength: Angel's strength is its forking potential. Even at base, it is relatively mobile for its cost, and especially at later tiers, it can use its unique attack patterns to check the king and also attack another valuable piece. Its passive can also work with pieces such as Samurai and Salamander.

Weaknesses: Angel's weakness is that it has limited range. Even at +++, it can only reach 3 range, thus being able to be threatened by infinite range pieces. In addition, it does not even gain diagonal attack until ++, which makes it susceptible to them.