Chess Evolved Online Algebraic Notation Proposal by upjyb

= Archer = ar Axeman = ax Banshee = BS Bat = bt Bomber = bo Dryad = DY Sapling = sg Fireball = fr Frostmage = FM Ghost = gh Guardian = GD Knight = KN Militia = ml Pawn = (none) Penguin = pg Poisonmage = PM Shieldsman = sh Skeleton = sk Slime = sl Spearman = se Spider = sp Swordsman = sw Tiger = tg Warrior = WR Windmage = WM =
= Alchemist = AC Basilisk = ba Berserker = BK Crusader = CR Frostmephit = fp Giantslime = GS Legionary = LG Magetower = MT Necromancer = NC Paladin = PD Phantasm = ph Portal = none, will be explained in next section Prince = PC Princess = ps Pyromancer = PY Ranger = RG Rook = RR Samurai = sa Wisp = WS =
Behemoth = BM
Demon = DM
Dragon = DG
Ghast = GT
Harpy = HR
Hauntedarmor = HD
Lifestone = LS
Medusa = MD
Minotaur = MO
Ninja = NJ
Queen = QQ
Valkyrie = VK
Wizard = WZ

Antimage = AM
Comet = CT
Enchantress = EC
Gemini = GM
Geminitwin = GW
Lich = LH
Lilith = LL
Moonfox = MF
Phoenix = PX
Phoenixegg = PE
Royalguard = RG
Soulkeeper = SU
Vampire = VP

King = KK

’s will be added as needed – i.e. Rook+ = RR++
Ranks will be labelled 1-8, and files a-h, as on a normal chess board, from white’s point of view. Files come first when denoting a square.
Normal moves and teleportation.
Normal moves are simply annotated by the type of piece and the destination square. If two pieces of the same sort can access a square, indicate either the file or the rank (or both) on which they are situated. Indication by file is preferred of the two. Teleportation via the Valkyrie ability or a Portal is treated as simply as a normal move.

Example: Knight from d4 to e6 = KNe6
if there is also a knight on f4, which can also reach e6: KNde6
if in addition there is also a knight on d8: KNd5e6
if there is no knight on f4 but still a knight on d8: KN4e6

Checks are not annotated since the loss of the king does not result in the end of the game.
= Captures. =
The same as above, except with an ‘x’ immediately before the destination square.
If there were, say, an enemy Rook on e6 the examples above would be as follows: KNxe6, KNdxe6, KNd5xe6, KN4xe6

If the capture is blocked by the Hauntedarmor or Crusader ability, use a right bracket ‘]’ : KN]e6
If the capture is suicidal, i.e. attacking a Wisp or using a Fireball, use 2 x’s: (for this example it is a Wisp on e6): KNxxe6
If the capture is automatic, i.e. samurai ability, indicate it, then indicate the regular move.
If the capture is magic, i.e. Pyromancer or Ranger abilities, use a backslash ‘/’: PY/e4

Note: indicate the file of a capturing pawn always.
= Promotions or any unit type change. =
The move is indicated first, then an ‘=’ sign, followed by the abbreviation of the piece promoted to. A unit type change inflicted upon the enemy is indicated with a ‘!’ before the ‘=’ and the opposing unit’s square is used instead of the promotion square.

Examples: Samurai e7 to d8, promoting to ninja: sad8=NJ
Vampire moving from e2 to c3, becoming a bat: VPc3=bt
Slime on c3 capturing a Pawn on c4, becoming a Giantslime: slxc4=GS
Dryad on e3 changing enemy on e4 into a sapling: DYe4!=sg
= Freezing, poisoning, and other magiks. =
Freezing is indicated by a ‘#’ sign. For comets, indicate each frozen unit with commas in between. Self freezing by touching a Frostmephit is indicated with a # after the move (since checkmate is irrelevant!)

Frostmage on e8 freezing a unit on d5: FM#d5
Comet freezing units on c3 and c4: CT#c3,c4
Pawn capturing frostmephit on h6: gxh6#

Poisoning is indicated by a ‘%’ sign.

Poisonmage on e4 poisoning a unit on e6: PM%e6

Petrification is indicated by a ‘*’ sign.

Basilisk on c2 petrifying a unit on c3: ba*c3

Charming is indicated by a ‘>’ sign.

Lilith on c4 charming a minion on c5: LL>c5

Purifying is indicated by a ‘^’ sign.

Alchemist on c5 purifying unit on c6: AC^c6

Enchanting is indicated by a ‘~’ sign.

Enchantress on b1 enchanting a unit on d1: EC~d1
Lifestone recovering a unit is indicated by "" followed by the abbreviation of the unit recovered and then the square recovered to.

Lifestone on e7 recovering a Bishop+ on e6: ls-BB+e6
= Swapping. =
Both moves are indicated, separated by a comma, with the unit actively doing the swapping going first.

Paladin e8 swapping King a8: PDa8,KKe8
= Capturing a Giantslime. ==
The capture is indicated normally, but is followed by ‘=sl=’ and the squares where slimes spawn, separated by commas.
Knight capturing giantslime on e3: KNxe3=sl=d2,f2
I think I have covered all possible moves in Chess Evolved Online with this notation system. Please leave feedback and I hope this enters use. – upjyb