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• 5/15/2016

Upgraded units getting their own section?

People have done an amazing job getting unit information and statistics up for everything, but a lot of the strategy sections for each piece are a bit lacking. While I've started to contribute some to these, the topic of upgraded units is one worth discussion.

Just as an example, I wrote the Strengths and Weaknesses for the Spearman, and focused on how it was a very effective piece within its column, but its greatest weakness was its inability to move or attack outside of that column. But upon finishing, I remembered the upgraded units do have movement outside their column on their first move, which still means it can't do much outside of its column, but does add an important component to how the piece works.

I feel this could be applicable to many units: should pieces get seperate strategy sections for their levelled up forms? Maybe just a general "Leveled Up Strategy" section, or alternatively a brief one for each level of upgrade if that feels necessary.

I just think it's a part of the formatting that will be important going forward.

Edit: I'm currently using the format of having a seperate section entitled "Strategy: [name of piece] Upgrades", and then using a bulleted list. Examples are on the Skeleton and Spearman pages. I like the format personally, but any other opinions?

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• 5/16/2016

Cool. I discussed it Talk:Unit, and planned to merge all the upgraded units into their base page. But unless people watching the RecentChanges page, that page's kinda under the radar.

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